Accepted Papers and Posters

Paper Presentation

Submission Id Authors Paper Title
TRACK 1 (Language Technology and Linguistics)
25 Nisha Varghese Domain-Specific Token Recognition using Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and SciBERT
4 Amandeep Kaur Gahier Cross Domain Recommender System using Deep Learning - A Proposal
13 Saikat Mondal Multi-Channel Stacked TextCNN (MCSTCNN): A Robust Framework For Improving Biomedical Multilabel Text Classification
38 Akshay S Comparison of Explainability of Machine Learning Based Malayalam Text Classification
24 Arfana V V Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
22 Jisha P Jayan Extraction of Textual Data from Unstructured Malayalam Web Resources
35 Liji SK BioQA-BERT: A Hybrid Large Language Model for Interactive Malayalam Question Answering System on Health Domain
8 Sruthi Sara Moses Transfer Grammar Rules For Malayalam Verbs
TRACK 2 (Image Processing)
40 Nancy Hada FolkTalent: Enhancing Classification and Tagging of Indian Folk Paintings
11 Nishchay Gupta Empirical analysis of image compression in Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks based on Lossy and Lossless compression
36 Saleena T.S Semantic Segmentation of Necrotic Tissues in Histopathology Images using Autoencoder
7 Jestin Joy Towards a Flexible and Cost-Effective System for Dynamic Gesture Prediction in Indian Sign Language
9 Ruksana R Video Extraction Using Keyword- A Hybrid Approach
TRACK 3 (Speech Analysis)
12 Bharat Gupta Emotion Recognition through Deep Learning in various modes
21 Tushar Gandhi Speech-Based Query Search For Sanskrit E-Resources In Digital Libraries
23 Manju G Comparative Study On Different Architectures Used For The Automatic Speech Recognition Of Malayalam- A Low Resource Language
TRACK 4 (Information Retrieval and Data Analytics)
17 Bhuvaneswari Panneerselvam Top-N Feature Selection Methods for Designing Food Recommender Systems
15 Deepthy P S Crop Yield Prediction Using Stacked Regression Techniques
TRACK 5 (E-Governance)
26 Visesh Agarwal An AI-Powered Personal Finance Assistant: Enhancing Financial Literacy and Management
20 Jayakumar.R Digital Marketplaces in Green Energy Governance:The "BuyMySun" Model
32 Madhu Soodana S Electronic initiatives and service Quality transition in the Public Distribution System: Perception and Practice of the Fair Price Shop owners in Manjeswar Taluk, Kasaragod District, Kerala
19 Manoj K Digital Empowerment of Self-Help Groups: The Role of ICT in Microfinance Transformation
18 Binu Kumar N S Kerala's KFON Initiative: A Leap in Digital Inclusivity
TRACK 6 (Short Paper)
14 Anupama D Sakhare Detecting Name Sense Relationship
42 Manu Shankar Envisioning the Future: Proposing an Advanced OCR System for Ancient Malayalam Manuscripts
43 Daphna Chacko A peep into English-Malayalam Machine Translation

Poster Presentation

Sl.No. Submission Id Presented by Title
1 10 Parvathi A Intrusion Detection in IoT systems ML Algorithms
2 9 Sana S Navas Analysing the relation between Temperature-Aerosol-Radiative forces using Regression models
3 6 Prasanna P Improving Legal Text Classification Performance using Open-Source Large Language Model Augmentation
4 5 Aditya K Unveiling Legal AI: Exploring XAI Techniques with Domain-Specific Transformer Model
5 7 Jisha P Jayan Samvedini : AI-based Malayalam - English Chatbot
6 135 Waza Noshin T M A Survey On Encryption, Compression And Segmentation Techniques For Image Processing