International Conference 2023

The FOSS CIL T23 conference conducted by ICFOSS during the previous year has achieved resounding success, seamlessly uniting a diverse array of experts, esteemed researchers, and accomplished practitioners in the realm of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Computational Intelligence and Language Technology. The event featured notable luminaries such as Mr. Paolo Rosso and other distinguished experts, who delivered captivating and profound insights, enriching the intellectual landscape. One of the standout highlights of the conference was the enlightening "NLP Ecosystems in India" panel discussion, which offered invaluable perspectives, particularly beneficial for burgeoning NLP startups. This engaging dialogue fostered a rich exchange of ideas and fostered the growth of NLP initiatives. The conference culminated in a grand valedictory function, marked by the prestigious announcement of the best paper and poster awards, recognizing excellence and innovation in the field. With two full days of fruitful knowledge sharing and collaboration, the event emerged as a shining example of success, attracting a diverse and engaged audience of 86 participants from various fields.

Detailed report can be found here